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Women Achieve Equality in Internet Gambling World

In the UK gambling experts estimate that the internet gambling industry will take in about £2 billion. A new report says that the number of internet gamblers is steadily increasing. Research has shown that there are 32% more internet players than in 2012 and over half of all online gamblers are women. Most are middle aged and the average of female online players is between 30-39. Most women play at home for entertainment and distraction. So what caused the increase in the number of female online gamblers?

Internet gambling operators have launched extensive marketing campaigns targeting female players. Some have even changed their site design to make them more attractive to women. Studies have shown that women prefer bingo and slot games and there are hundreds of sites devoted to these games. Currently there are about 350 sites devoted to bingo. Bingo is particularly attractive because the games are affordable and low risk. Bingo tickets can be purchased for as little as a penny. Internet bingo also offers a social experience and sense of community.

The number of women gambling online has steadily increased since 2011. At that time about 48.48% of all players were women. Today over half of all online gamblers are women. Not everyone is happy about the increase of female players. Gambling addiction experts say that nearly one million people are at risk of becoming problem gamblers. Experts say that internet gambling allows players to bet excessively without the ‘social stigma.” Some anti-gambling campaigners say that gambling is now as serious a problem as substance abuse in the UK.

The growth of the internet gambling industry in the UK began after the Labour government lifted a ban on TV and radio advertising for casinos and bookmakers. The move was part of the 2005 Gambling Act that went into effect in 2007. Commercials for gambling sites enabled the gaming market to grow to £1.71 billion by 2011. Experts say that the gambling industry will generate £2 billion for the first time in 2013.

Experts say that mobile gaming will drive industry growth in the coming years. The latest industry estimates say that the mobile gaming market will grow by 19% annually. The huge surge of mobile gaming in 2012 and 2013 is expected to continue well into the future. A statement from MobileCasinos.co said “Mobile gaming has been the elephant in the room for quite some time now. Companies such as Juniper Research have traditionally over-estimated growth rates for mobile gambling; however, in 2012 and 2013 we saw these markets grow by more than 10%. The rate of growth is only going to continue as more gaming companies such as Zynga contract out mobile app development and invest native apps for mobile devices.”

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