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EuroMillions jackpot now capped at €100 million

The EuroMillions lottery is a very easy game to play and also one that generates massive winnings for those who pick up the lucky numbers. Players need to choose five numbers between one and 50 on a betting slip and another two called “lucky stars “on the second slip, this time ranging from 1 to 11. In order to win the jackpot, they need to correctly predict the five numbers that will be extracted from the first pool and also the Lucky Star number.

Playing the EuroMillions lottery inside and outside UK

The draw takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Friday night, and it can be watched live or players can choose to check out the results online. The system is the same as with any lottery, and the machine is in charge of dropping out bowls containing the numbers, with winners being decided in a matter of minutes. Those who live inside United Kingdom can buy the tickets online by opening an account and transferring a minimum £5. Any winnings that are below £500 will be credited immediately to the player’s account why those that exceed this value are sent by check.

The EuroMillions lottery is famous for its high prices and that’s why players from all over Europe jump on the bandwagon each time a draw approaches. Since tickets are purchased online, there are no technical obstacles to overcome and those interested can acquire a ticket securely and promptly over the Internet. They won’t receive the tickets in physical form, which is rather good because there is no chance of losing them and be stripped of your winnings if you get lucky. The same procedure applies for players from outside the United Kingdom, with amounts less than $500 being credited to their account and higher ones being sent by Bank draft. New EuroMillions rule caps future jackpots while boosting second tier prizes, read more about it at Lotterypros.com.


Jackpot winnings are now capped at €190 million

The EuroMillions were famous for its large winnings so when a rule capping them at €190 million was introduced, many were disappointed. In reality, players have no reason to be upset because the is set at a value that exceeds all previous top winnings, and the odds for the jackpot to exceed this value are slim anyway. Furthermore, the money is not lost and the organizers don’t take them for themselves, instead they use all of the exceeding amounts to fund the second tier prizes.

Since the odds of choosing a couple of numbers is higher than hitting the jackpot, most of the winners will benefit from this rule because they will have their prizes boosted. The bottom line is that the lucky ones who have all the numbers drawn will cash in on a massive amount of €190 million, which is more than enough to change their lives for the better.

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