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Women and the Success of Internet Gambling

Recent studies done in the UK show that women have played a major role in the growth of internet gambling. In the past decade women have made gains in achieving equality in a number of fields including politics, business, sport, and other areas traditionally dominated by men. Recent studies indicate that women have also achieved equality in internet gambling. In 2012 Bellerock Entertainment, released statistics that showed that in 2010 four times as many women played casino games in the UK than in 2007. The number of women playing online casino games is almost as high as the number of men.

Although gambling is traditionally seen as a male pursuit about half of all UK online casino players are women. In 2011 48.38% of all players were female. According to Bellerock the internet has played a major role in increasing the number of female players. Women like the convenience of online gaming and also feel safer playing at internet casinos. An increase in the number of online casinos targeting female players and more internet bingo sites has drawn more women to internet gambling.

According to Britain’s National Centre for Social Research the proportion of women who gamble online has risen to more than half for the first time. Traditionally women have played games like internet bingo and slots. Women have entered the male dominated poker sector. The highly successful PokerStars Women’s Poker League gives women the opportunity to compete against each other in a safe, non-threatening environment. The latest British Gambling Preference Survey figures say that while the number of female players has increased men tend to vary their internet gambling activities. According to the survey men prefer poker, roulette & sports betting. Women preferred internet bingo and slots and women were twice as likely to play bingo as men.

Another study showed that women are more tech savvy than men and were more likely to own smartphones and mobile devices with internet access. 54% of women in the US own a smartphone as opposed to 46% of men. Melissa Lavigne-Delville stated “Three-quarters of the female population is online & their increasingly passionate & widespread consumption of digital is shaping this ever-evolving space. As this growing number of digitally-dependent women alters the landscape in unexpected ways, marketers need to react in real-time.” Mobile gaming has been a huge growth sector for the internet gambling industry and women are driving this growth in mobile gaming. It is clear that women will continue to play a major role in the growth of internet gambling.

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