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Alabama AG Hits New Low

In late December Alabama casino VictoryLand reopened after being shuttered for two years thanks to professional killjoy and anti-gambling extremist Luther Strange. The dispute between the AG’s office and casino owner Mike MacGregor is over the legality of electronic bingo machines. Before reopening MacGregor went to the trouble of acquiring machines that comply with Alabama’s definition of bingo. The new machines were certified by gaming experts and local law enforcement but evidently that wasn’t good enough for Strange and his minions.

Now Strange has taken his pettiness to a new level and is challenging the validity of VictoryLand’s liquor license. VictoryLand is the area’s largest employer but evidently strange could care less about the hundreds of jobs provided by VictoryLand. It should be noted that Strange received a $100,000 ‘donation’ from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians whose gaming operations are in direct competition with VictoryLand. If should also be noted that the tribal casino pays no taxes to the state of Alabama.

Lawyers for VictoryLand and the AG’s office sparred in front of the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board whether the electronic bingo machines are legal. The panel is expected to make a decision in about 15 days. Deputy Attorney General and servile minion Sonny Reagan said that VictoryLand shouldn’t be granted a liquor license because the casino has continued a pattern of breaking state gaming laws. Reagan said “This casino and its agents have a history of skirting Alabama law on illegal gambling.” VictoryLand lawyer Joe Espy said the machines are legal and were approved by Macon County Sheriff David Warren as legal bingo games.  Espy stated “There is not a single case that says you can’t play bingo electronically.”

The hearing was prompted by Strange’s latest move after he filed a protest that stopped the issuance of a liquor license. Since Strange couldn’t win in a court of law he resorted to this petty move designed to harass VictoryLand, its owners and employees. It would appear that Strange would rather see VictoryLand employees out of work in an area with high unemployment. Strange has a long established pattern of interfering in the personal lives of Alabama residents and has been affiliated with several far right groups. Hopefully VictoryLand and its lawyers will prevail!

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