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Top Casino Games

Casinos offer players an extensive selection of games. In addition to the usual poker and baccarat games some casinos offer exotic games like Pai Gow a poker variant. There are several very popular casino games and here is a description of the most popular casino games.

Most people don’t really think of bingo as a casino game. In Las Vegas several top casinos have huge bingo rooms and high stakes games. Players try to match randomly selected numbers with the numbers printed on their card. Bingo has several game variants and in addition to 75 and 90 ball bingo players can also find 30 and 80 ball games. Some internet bingo sites offer all four bingo games. The first player to fill in the card pattern shouts ‘bingo’ and the game is over. Several Indian tribes in the United States operate massive bingo halls.

Baccarat is a popular card game. Baccarat players have three options; Player, Tie and Banker. When all the wagers have been placed the dealer deals out two cards. On is the player hand and the other is the banker hand. The hands are added and if the hand is over 10 the ten is dropped. The winning hand would be the higher of the two hands. The game can be confusing for beginners but once learned can provide hours of excitement.

Wheel of Fortune is an old game and is common in Las Vegas casinos. The wheel has 52 divided sections that are separated by pins. The wheel is spun and when the wheel stops the pointer will be between two pins. Bets placed on the section where the wheel stopped win. The game is somewhat similar to roulette.

Keno is bingo’s first cousin. Players get a card numbered from 1 to 80. Players pick 20 numbers and place a wager. The game caller announces 20 random numbers and players try to match as many numbers to their selected numbers. Electronic keno games are popular in bars, saloons and taverns in the west.

Pai Gow poker is played against the house instead of other players. The dealer deals 7 cards. Players then look at their hands and try to make the best five and two card poker hands. The 5 card hand must rank higher than the 2 card hand. The hands are then compared against the dealer’s hands. If both hands beat the dealer the player wins. If the dealer and the player both win it is considered a push.

Anyone that has ever seen a James Bond film is probably familiar with roulette. Players can bet on specific numbers, red or black and odd even. Roulette gives the player several wagering opportunities.

Blackjack is an extremely popular game in casinos. The idea is to get a hand of 21 or below. The dealer has one card face up and one facing down. The player and the dealer then try to get as close to 21 as possible. This is one of the most fast paced games in a casino.

Poker is the most popular table game anywhere. The game is based on a 5 card hand and there are several variations. Hands have various rankings and there are several tutorials online that explain the various hand ranks.

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