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What is the best casino in Belgium?

What is the best casino in Belgium?

Belgium isn’t the first place you’d think of when you’re thinking about taking a holiday to hone your poker or blackjack skills. However, Belgium has a variety of gambling destinations for everyone from the casual game-machine  player to the big-time poker party animal looking to win big and be seen doing it.


Circus Andenne

Circus Andenne is a casino in the city of Andenne, Belgium. Andenne is a historically rich town with many beautiful buildings. It’s a bit of a sleepy place to build a casino but the upside is that there’s lot of picturesque accommodation.  The casino offers dice games, blackjack, poker, and roulette.  There are also a range of online games such as Emerald Forest, Open the Safe, Pirates Dices and Mystery Box.

Viagge Entertainment Center

Viage has an amazing 375 gaming machines and forty-nine  table and poker games. There is one restaurant and two bars on the premises.  There is a 100-seat bingo room, and a stud poker on offer. Being located in one of Europe’s most important cities means that Brussels is one of the best places to go for a casino holiday with a little bit extra. Check out the casino’s online poker gallery to get a flavour of the atmosphere in this modern and beautifully designed venue.

Casino Chaudfontaine

The Chaudfontaine has one major calling card – they have a regular event where you can win a gold bar! That should give you an idea of this casino’s reputation: expensive and very flashy. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best gambling experience in Belgium and you’d be hard pressed to beat it for a glamorous night out.  Go dressed up in your best clothes – you’ll be expected to impress! The Chaudfontaine is part of the Partouche network.

Casino Knokke

The Knokke is part of the same group of Casinos as the Chaudfontaine. Here you can also win a gold bar on Friday nights and the atmosphere is similarly wild and expensive. It’s located in the town of Knokke-Heist, which is located in the region of West Flanders.  It’s a pretty cultural place, with over 40 galleries and a special festival that takes place there every year.  Not to mention a butterfly garden. Knokkie is a gentler place to enjoy the Casino experience.

The ‘best’ depends on what you want from a casino experience. The Partouche chain are undoubtedly glamorous, but the Viagge offers a more contemporary outlook on gambling. Perhaps you’re not a serious player and you’re more interested in what the rest of the town has to offer. A little research should ensure that your holiday is satisfying and relaxing.

Rasheeda Dutt is playing on the fruit machines in a town near you. Come buy her a drink and maybe she’ll take you on an expenses trip to the Golden Palace Poker Regels . Maybe.




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